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Scientists are now researching, (Aug. 2, 2022) if Monkeypox virus, present variants (2), can be transmitted by air secretions (coughing, sneezing, shouting speaking).

There can be no false refuge in believing that this is restricted only to the homosexual community. Present infection rate of confirmed cases is spready, doubling at least every 7 days.

Contagion to any human by human to human contact or aerosol will be possible.

Learn about possible Monkeypox virus side affects even after recovery from Monkeypox virus lesions.

Monkeypox – Wikipedia

Keep 2-3 metres distance and wear PPE when possible.

4th booster shot is fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (Sars-Cov-02).

Waiting for only possible Omicron strains specific vaccine possibly available in Sept. 2022, may be too late.

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Concerns Over President Biden’s Health

With respect to President Biden’s recent diagnosis of Covid-19 positive last week and his taking additional medicine, Paxlovid and Tylenol by Friday July 22, 2022, CNN news reveals that he is using an “inhaler” “as needed”.

These symptoms suggest the possibility of serious complications which for him having 2 shots and additional 2 boosters should not typically arise. So-called “flu-like” symptoms of runny nose and dry cough in any circumstance do not require an inhaler as does his case.

Is this a metaphor for nebulizer? More worrisome, a prelude to ventilator usage as required IF his oxygen levels decline, requiring intubation? What may aftereffects result in cognitive and mobility deficiencies of so-called long-Covid-19 in his case?

Exactly what Sars-Cov-02, alias Covid-19, variant does President Biden have?

If he has Omicron variant of Covid-19 and especially its descendants, BA.4 or BA.5, these are the most infectious mutations of Covid-19 to date and most able to evade any vaccines even with boosters.

Using 2 year old vaccine formulations which lose most of their efficacy in 3 months are insufficient protection for anyone of any age or health pre-condition.

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Restivo Reports Short-Term and Long-Term Economic Outlook

Economic, financial, and capital markets can be seen, understood and experienced in several ways:  Theoretic and/or with respect to historical norms and experiences, general media news and commentary, so-called Wall Street narrowly explained behaviour and also so-called main street or kitchen table economics experiences and opinions of individuals.

Some definitions of words avoided from public perception/information:


Inflation is the decline of purchasing power of a given currency over time. A quantitative estimate of the rate at which the decline in purchasing power occurs can be reflected in the increase of an average price level of a basket of selected goods and services in an economy over some period of time. The rise in prices, which is often expressed as a percentage, means that a unit of currency effectively buys less than it did in prior periods. Inflation can be contrasted with deflation, which occurs when the purchasing power of money increases and prices decline. – Inflation Definition (


Stagflation is characterized by slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment—or economic stagnation—which is at the same time accompanied by rising prices (i.e., inflation). Stagflation can be alternatively defined as a period of inflation combined with a decline in the gross domestic product (GDP). – Stagflation Definition (


A recession is a macroeconomic term that refers to a significant decline in general economic activity in a designated region. It had been typically recognized as two consecutive quarters of economic decline, as reflected by GDP in conjunction with monthly indicators such as a rise in unemployment. However, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which officially declares recessions, says the two consecutive quarters of decline in real GDP are not how it is defined anymore. The NBER defines a recession as a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales. – Recession Definition (

Depression – A depression is a severe and prolonged downturn in economic activity. In economics, a depression is commonly defined as an extreme recession that lasts three or more years or which leads to a decline in real gross domestic product (GDP) of at least 10%. in a given year. Depressions are relatively less frequent than milder recessions, and tend to be accompanied by high unemployment and low inflation. – Depression Definition (

A little scenario analysis:  Consider the worst economic outcome, from the above definitions, all things otherwise being equal, which they never really are:

Deepening Depression with high, rising Inflation – War, famine, drought, endemic or pandemic plague(s) are prime extraordinary causes, none of which are mutually exclusive, indeed, all can be experienced globally simultaneously, if not directly, then indirectly in global interconnectedness, the so-called Global Economic Order (The so-called social, financial and government evil of many Conspiracy Theories for many decades).

With respect to so-called First World Countries, none of these specific widespread causes obtain, to much relief, yet do some factors increasingly contribute?  Yes.

  1. Plagues (i.e. pandemics) such as, Sars-Cov-02, Monkey Pox and Bird Flu (H5N1) are diseases of concern, whatever that means to the average household.  Life going forward will be constantly burdened by increasing severity of infections of increasing numbers of “novel” diseases, not your grandfathers’ diseases, but variations of same if not outright new ones in the face of scientific inadequacy to treat if not cure them.
  2. Water shortage due to Climate Change, “hotter summers with colder winters” depleting drinking water reservoirs and forced decreased crop irrigation capacity to alarming levels of inadequacy.  As California for example, becomes a desert, both famine and drought can exist simultaneously.
  3. War(s) involving other nations can have an indirect deleterious effect on other nations.  In a global threat of tactical nuclear engagement(s) among nuclear capable nations, whose number can be increased merely through the theft of one or several atomic bombs and/or use of own delivery systems, from missiles to jets. Internet gives mush theory about bomb fabrication.  Stealing an atomic bomb (fission bomb) for example, assures it will work with no manufacturing costs involved.  Merely the threat of war, the fear of escalation of engagement with a nuclear power, can contribute to economic depression and prolong, if not exacerbate, conventional wars where present.

More to Continue:

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The Solution to Finding a Husband is Hard

The Solution – By Mike Restivo

  1. With love, fill the needs of eating and life together with gentle thoughts and ideas for the mind that can be as acceptable as eating without offending pride.
  2. Patiently suggest that life is meant to be fulfilled with kindness and love, not single focus on business or working too hard.
  3. Gently and patiently suggest ideas to make life peaceful and friendly/agreeable by tolerating, understanding and having kindness to everyone. We make our own lives happier too.
  4. See #2.
  5. Gently and patiently with love show your qualities that make him forget his EX and that she is unworthy.
  6. With love, help him to be as successful as possible with gentle suggestions and ways to increase income from extra part-time work.
  7. With loving understanding, tolerance and patience, romance and educated relationship sharing will bloom between a mutually loving couple naturally and with some gentle non-judgmental help through the female side.
  8. See #7.
  9. See #7.
  10. Male liar in relationship?  Try #7 or dump him as soon as possible.
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Since it is an established scientific fact that fully vaccinated persons, although at less risk of severe illness or death, remain fully infectious with the Delta and similar diseases like Lambda, that is 1,000 times higher viral load in the nasal cavity,

fully vaccinated persons are equally infectious as non-vaccinated persons.

Therefore mandates or business demand for full vaccination proof are useless to have any mitigating effect at all on the spread of Sars-Cov-02/Delta in any kind of transport on land, sea and air.

Furthermore, typical surgical level masks even double masking and ICU type N95 masks may have insufficient protection from infection and prevention from infecting others even when fully vaccinated.

Stay tuned to Mike Restivo and Restivo Media Co. for vital health science information since March 1, 2020. Over 500,000 U.S. patients have died needlessly due to anti-science, conspiracy theories, political cultism and political neglect if not interference against the public health. Do not be counted among the seriously health compromised individuals with long term, if not life long, neuropathy, mobility and respiratory deficits or death. “Survival goes to the informed.” – Restivo

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At the beginning of 2020 (March 1, 2020), Mike Restivo in a series of articles on Sars-Cov-02, available on my media site, explained the dangers of this plague, otherwise called by nicknames such as Covid-19, now mutations of which called Alpha, Beta, Delta and so on to simplify both the understanding and the danger of the virus and its variants.

Since then over 500,000 people of the U.S.A. have perished needlessly, under the social maelstroms of anti-science, political cultism, political lethargy and lack of guidance by anyone of pre-med and above education and/or student of viral history, from free internet reading availability.

As of Aug. 1, 2021, these simple facts can be readily observed, whether accepted by some polemical position remains to be realized.

One fact, according to the CDC and other legitimate sources, is that the unvaccinated are most likely to become infected by the current dominant variant, Delta, than fully vaccinated ones. Another fact now disclosed by CDC, this week, is that fully vaccinated are just as likely to infect both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated individuals.

Another medical fact is that fully vaccinated individuals’ symptoms, or non symptoms provide a viral platform upon which the variant can evolve to escape vaccine immunity, especially as already vaccine escaping variants, so-called double variants, like Delta, can unite and produce a variant with demonstrably greater evasive properties, so-called triple variant.

It has been known by Science and Medicine, for over 13 years, since SARS epidemic, that vaccines could not be produced that over stimulate the immune system such that autoimmune disease is triggered resulting in major organ damage. There are limits known of how much booster(s) can be endured safely by the human body.

The fact from CDC that immunity begins to fail at 6 weeks from the second vaccination. The frequency of additional boots remains unexpressed. One annually is already out of the question as ineffective. Every 6 months at present similarly seems to little too late. Every 3 months then, may encroach upon over stimulating the immune system.

Boosting immune system methods, is all science has at present. Only direct attacks upon the virus with immune system uninvolved shows better effective promise. Vaccine research in HIV has been on going over 30 years to no effect. Curious that HIV anti-viral therapeutics were administered to early infected patients as were steroids, in “use what we have” methods available for rapid delivery. “Survival goes to the informed.” – Restivo

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Sars-Cov-02 Variants’ Increasing Vaccine Resistance

Canada may see COVID-19 resurgence despite full vaccinations, experts say (

New COVID Mutations Could Prolong Pandemic for Another Year, Despite Vaccines (

Walmart Pork Products Containing Superbugs Resistant to Critically Important Antibiotics Discovered (

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Black Fungus Infection From Sars-Cov-02 Treatments

Background Article Links:



Background Article Links:


Autoimmune Disease:

Background Article Links:

SARS-CoV-2, which induces COVID-19, causes kawasaki-like disease in children: role of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines

Given the forgoing backgrounders and definitions, Sars-Cov-02 is a catalyst for autoimmune disease, commonly initially presented among other symptoms, as inflammation, hence therapeutics applied like cortico-steroids and anti-viral drugs (HIV) were/are (including hydroxychloroquine!!!) directed at reducing inflammation such that indirectly, autoimmune attacks upon the human body will be lessened.

Therefore, patients which are already immunosuppressed will not suffer similarly from either vaccines or medicines which stimulate the immune system to the point, varying on a case-by-case basis, of triggering autoimmune disease in addition to the symptoms of Sars-Cov-02 itself.  It is the adjacent organ damage that is primarily due to autoimmune disease, NOT Sars-cov-02.

It is then those patients with normal levels of immunity which are increased by vaccines and/or infection by virus like any corona virus (Sars-Cov-1, Sars-Cov-2, H1N1 (Influenza)), that are at risk of unnaturally induced autoimmune disease.

The stronger the vaccines and medicines become for the purpose of increasing the human immune system RESPONSE against a pathogen like Sars-cov-02 or ANY corona virus, the greater the RISK of inducing autoimmune disease merely by the application of vaccine and/or medicine to the already infected patient for the purpose of increasing the immune system response to a pathogen or that which only MIMICS a pathogen as deployed in ALL present anti-Sars-Cov-02 vaccines (non-live virus vaccines).


Excessive immune system reinforcement risks major body organ damage from lifetime physical impairments, plural, from respiration to mobility and death due to autoimmune disease.

Suppression of the immune system, by anti-inflammation drugs and similar therapeutics, risks additional infection from opportunistic diseases usually associated with such conditions, like Sars-Cov-2 variants, necrotic (flesh killing) Black Fungus and HIV.

Both present and future medicine MUST direct against the pathogen ITSELF, not involving the immune system in any way, shape, or form, so that autoimmune disease is not risked unnecessarily.

This is in scientific and medical fulfillment of the Restivo Conjecture on this subject in 2020! Search under “Sars-Cov-02” for all relevant articles written by  Mike Restivo

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Employment Value Proposition

Mike Restivo, contingent upon hire as employee or contractor, offers to a major Canadian bank, or other suitable company, the features of Financial Services Office, 800 Sq. ft. professional space, including free one space parking.

It is fully PPE compliant, with multiple high speed internet computer systems, for in person client appointments, including roles as mortgage, personal, business loan and financial services officer, no cash on premises.

All 3 roles to be performed superlatively by Mike Restivo, ($2,000.00/month value savings!). Looking to be hired ASAP!

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